PLANNNING REDEFINED research symposium 16th-18th August 2017

20 kesä 2017
Johannes Mikkonen

The 8th Nordic planning research symposium of the PLANNORD network will be held in Aalto University Töölö Campus, Helsinki, on August 16th–18th 2017, with the overall theme ‘Planning Redefined’. A PhD workshop on August 15th 2017 will precede the symposium.

The 2015 symposium in Stockholm held the theme ‘Planning in Crisis/Crisis in Planning’, discussing the challenges posed to planners and their institutions. The identified challenges related to, among others, legitimacy, knowledge, and effectiveness of planning in the face of new modes of governance, market-driven urbanization and climate change. In Helsinki, this discussion will be continued, and new responses proposed, including efforts to reform planning institutions, emerging forms of agency in planning, new instruments of knowledge management, and new experiments in, and evidence from adding agility and harnessing creativity in planning. Is planning being redefined, shifting agency and capability to new forums, roles and resources that the planners themselves need to identify in order to make a lasting difference? How are these challenges and opportunities to be understood especially in the Nordic context? Planning is driven by demand, but are the planners and planning institutions still on board?

Keynote speakers:

  • Louis Albrechts, professor of planning, University of Leuven
  • Patsy Healey, professor of town and country planning, Newcastle University
  • Helena Leino, senior lecturer of environmental policy, University of Tampere
  • Willem Salet, professor of urban and regional planning, University of Amsterdam


Welcome to PLANNORD 2017!


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