Open Academic Seminar 13.6.2019: Beyond MALPE in Urban Regional Futures

5 kesä 2019
Otto-Wille Koste

Welcome to BEMINE project’s Open Academic Seminar: Beyond MALPE in Urban Regional Futures 13.6.2019 in Tiedekulma’s Fönster, Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki, 13.00-16.30

In the seminar BEMINE research partners will present their key findings and discuss interesting questions.

What are the three invisible things in urban planning? (Aalto University team)
How to approach green urban fabrics – identify, prioritize, act?  (SYKE team)
What is the outlook on regional economic development? (THL team)
How do we envision the city-regional futures? (Manchester University team)
When is city-region a mode of governance? (Aalto University team)
Urbanization, mobility and regional equilibrium? (Jyväskylä University team)
Crossing boundaries for sustainable urban development? (Tampere University team)

The event is free of charge and open for everyone. Join us in discussing and debating the envisions that go ‘beyond’

More information: Vesa Kanninen, vesa.kanninen(at)


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